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Geometria ed arte


Primo Levi sosteneva che se davvero esiste una separazione tra scienza e arte, si tratta di una separazione innaturale: questa separazione non la conoscevano né Dante, né Galileo e neppure «Empedocle, Leonardo, Cartesio, Goethe, Einstein, né gli anonimi costruttori delle cattedrali gotiche, né Michelangelo; né la conoscono i buoni artigiani d’oggi, né i fisici esitanti sull’orlo dell’inconoscibile».

Le composizioni artistiche realizzate attraverso lo studio della geometria.

Geometry Planner

Opere con le linee
Parallel & Perpendicular Art & Math
(Piet) Mondrian Primary Color collages (done with kindergarten)
Opere con gli angoli e l'uso del goniometro
Multiplication string art
Exploring Math in Primary Grades through Artistic Math Projects
Make Yarn Wrapped Ornaments for the window or tree
Opere con i poligoni
Tissue paper starsWe did this at an art camp that I've been apart of for years and the kids absolutely loved it and it gave them their own special art piece that made them feel like true artists. It's great for motor skills for kids as well as teaching math concepts of fractions and lines. 3370Klee Polygon Detective
geometria e arte
Gommettes et encre de chine
Tints & shadesA fun and easy way for a class to make a quilt together!using this project with the books "we're different, we're the same" and then doing all the parts and putting them together. -- first grade.  I want to use this at the beginning of the year.  Have kids draw different parts and then put face together to show we're different but when we come together, we are a piece of art.   Rough, but something like that.
Opere 3D
Easy to Make Art Dice - such a fun way for kids to create!  With each roll of the dice kids are learning and reviewing early learning concepts, too!

Shape mobile - patterns and shape each student create a string of patterned shapes to add to a group mobile hanging above their table group.

Mosaici e pannelli
Everyone gets a square with a quarter circle, this is the end result- could be a good ice breaker beginning of year activity by shannon
Here's a terrific idea for using pattern blocks to teach symmetry.

string art

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